Person of Value

Albert Einstein was a bit of a genius wasn't he? Most people know that he was a very, very clever man but actually so many of the quotes he said were really profound too. Here at Eco 2 Greetings we're big fans of much of what he had to say, but the quote on this ecard is definitely one of our favourites. Sometimes you need a quote on business ecards to send to someone for no reason at all in the workplace. As much as this ecard could be sent for a special occasion, it could also be sent to a loved one for no reason at all. The idea behind ecards like this is to spread a little love and positivity which we feel this ecard does perfectly.  We wanted a picture to go with the quote that was both picturesque and subtle which we felt this rock, waterfall scene does perfectly. The bold text works well against the darker background, which makes the whole scene work so well. Eco2 Greetings has a number of different ecards especially corporate holiday ecards for you to choose from for the holiday season too, so please do get in touch.

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