Pine Cone in Tree

Pine cones are perhaps one of the most poignant images associated with the holiday season. Whether it’s corporate ecards for Thanksgiving or a Christmas business email greeting, your recipient will fall in love with eCO2 Greetings ‘Pine Cone in Tree’ holiday ecards for business. The smell of pine cones is something many of us associate with long holiday walks with friends and family, or those special days when we used to go to collect the Christmas tree. There are certain memories that pine cones conjure up to all of us, and with these ecards, you can give your recipient exactly the same experience. In this image, a single pine cone can be seen nestled amongst snow-glazed needles of a fir Christmas tree. The image’s focus is on the pinecone itself, with a slight blurred effect on the rest of the tree. In addition, animated snow falls over the image and the frost on the needles of the tree glisten, altogether heightening the sense of holiday spirit. What’s more, you can add a personalised message in the bottom left corner, as well as messages on the second, third and optional fourth pagesfor your business with us, your number one choice e Christmas cards for business


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