Positive Energy

Sometimes we can all feel a bit under the weather or as though we're trying so hard to get somewhere and nothing is working. These corporate ecards are perfect to send to a friend who feels the same way and you want to let them know they are in your thoughts. We wanted the quote to be the main feature of this ecard because we feel that the words are important. Of course, as you would expect from Eco2 Greetings we didn't just want a plain ecard with words so we spent a little time hunting out the perfect subtle background instead and we chose this. We feel that the background is nice and relaxing, almost soothing which is exactly what was needed compared to the strong and powerful words. Even the font we chose for the text is bold and attention catching, which is exactly what we wanted the corporate ecard to be about. If you're looking for an ecard with a bit more of a background scene then don't worry - we have plenty of different designs to choose from so make sure you have  a look at all off our ecards until you find something that suits.  And don’t forget this coming holiday season that we are the worlds leading provider of business holiday ecards.

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