Do you ever get those days where you just feel like you need a little symbol of hope to let you know everything will be OK? Of course you do - everyone does, including your loved ones! We wanted to create an ecard that was perfect for someone that needed a little bit of hope in their life. We chose the quote to create the ecard around because it can be used for all sorts of scenarios and to send to any number of people. We like ecards that can be used for multi-purpose and we feel that business ecards matches that perfectly. Although the quote itself is simple and made up of just one word, we felt that it was too powerful to water down with an image background that was too picturesque instead we wanted the quote itself to do all of the talking, which we think it does perfectly. The red underline gives a flash of colour to the design and enhances the meaning of the wording without being too strong and overbearing which is something that was really important to us at the time of designing these ecards.  Remember we have lots of different ecards here on Eco 2 Greetings so have a look at the rest of the ecards we offer too! And don’t forget this coming holiday season that we are the worlds leading provider of holiday ecards for business.

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