Sometimes, getting through the working day can be a task in itself and we all need a little break to not only rejuvenate ourselves but lift the spirits of others. If you find yourself and your colleagues in a little bit of a slump, why not send them some business ecards that could put a boost back in their day? This card has a blue background and reads, ‘It makes me uncomfortable to see you pretend not to watch over me while I pretend to work’. More often than not, this line will make perfect sense to any recipient because we can all relate to it at one point or another.

Perhaps you have a close relationship with your boss and want to send something that could raise a laugh. Alternatively, it could also make an ideal card for a colleague’s birthday. Whatever the reason for sending it, it’s sure to be received with a smile. With these ecards, you can add your own message and tailor it to each individual. So, when someone needs a little pick me up or you want to share an inside joke, this one is an excellent choice. When the holiday season is upon us why don’t you or your colleagues check out our electronic Christmas cards for business.

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