There are times when you want to express something to somebody but simply cannot find the words. This is one of the great things about corporate ecards; they say it all for you in the form of just an appropriate image and a few well chosen words. If you feel somebody has overreacted to a situation in the workplace, or how they have reacted to someone, you will may well feel awkward approaching them when feelings are running so high. This reaction card in the perfect antidote to a very difficult situation. Sometimes people are so blinded by their anger that they need a jolt to bring them back to earth and realise the repercussions of their actions. Whether you want to keep the words already on the reaction ecard, or add your own, this is the simplest, and often safest depending on the temper of the recipient, for giving them that gentle nudge they need. Alternatively you feel that words aren't appropriate, and the soothing calm of the lakes and mountains will restore inner harmony to person now fighting their own inner conflict. Whatever the situation is, corporate ecards speak volumes and could be just the thing to diffuse an mightily uncomfortable situation. Eco2 Greetings has a number of different ecards especially corporate holiday ecards for you to choose from for the holiday season too, so please do get in touch.

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