Red & Golden Dreams

If you haven’t noticed already, at eCO2 Greetings we adore Christmas decorations and they dominate large proportions of our e Christmas cards for business portfolio. Our Red and Golden Dreams design encompasses everything we love about our decoration ecards. The decorations are obviously a very high quality Christmas decoration, not your average run of the mill bauble purchased from a supermarket. The baubles are suspended on what appears to be high quality golden coil that naturally catches the light. The baubles themselves appear to be extremely high quality glass painted in rich red and gold, the colours that truly epitomise Christmas. The photography focuses on the bauble and the golden background which is possibly some trees is blurred to give what we feel is a dreamy sense. The perfect colours are too representative of Christmas’s we dream about. With such a powerful image it was easy for us to bring that to life in our Christmas ecards for business with subtle sparkle animations depicting the dazzling of light hitting the shiny aspects of the object. We have lots of other designs similar to this that you could choose if this isn’t quite what you are looking for in terms of style or colour.

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