Red Bauble & Candle

There’s nothing more festive than royal red decorations. Send your clients a classic feel of Christmas with ‘Red Bauble and Candle’, one of our holiday ecards for business pictured here. Sending the right ecard this Christmas has never been easier thanks to our extensive range, amongst which you’ll find this ever-popular design. Perhaps the colour most associated with Christmas and the holiday season, red is a colour of majesty and reverence. In this design, a red bauble sits just the left of centre as the main focus. The bauble itself features intricate gold decorative features. The design of this decoration is such that combines numerous shapes and patterns, creating a classy bauble. This bauble is in front a similar decorative feature in the background, although the one seen there contains candle inside of it, flickering brightly. Winding between these two decorations is a gold ribbon, swirling its way across a subtle red background. A white message of your choosing can be written at the bottom of the design, and optional second, third and fourth pages can contain further messages and corporate branding. This particular electronic Christmas card is a popular choice, but, if it’s not quite right, our portfolio of electronic christmas cards for business will be sure to contain the perfect ecard for you.


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