This corporate holiday ecards design is one of many at eCO2 Greetings but this one features one of  our more unusual and striking designs for your business. A more uncommon but by no means less important representative of the holiday season is the feature of this holiday ecard in the form of a reindeer. The black and white image of the side profile of the reindeer's head remains striking even against the pitch black background of the ecard. The light and dark grey tones that form the reindeer’s profile are most striking and the most noticeable feature of the reindeer is the spot of white covering its snout. This small dash of white brings the whole image of the reindeer into focus and creates a simple yet beautiful contrast with the black background. This eye catching design becomes all the more enchanting and magical when we add a gently falling snow animation that really brings this ecard to life. Although the black background creates a lovely eye catching contrast if you think a more colorful backdrop would suit you better then we have plenty of other options available and you're sure to find one that would make a great electronic holiday cards for business

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