Resist Fear

Everyone is scared of something; be is spiders or birds or heights. There is one big fear in business that many people wouldn't even consider; fear of success. Taking that next step up the career ladder can seem like climbing a mountain to those who know deep inside they are capable of taking on increased responsibility but are more frightened of failing once they are actually there. This is a very real fear in the workplace, and one of the main reasons you find people who have been doing the same job day in day for years. Sending somebody email Christmas cards for business to let them know that they can make it if they overcome that fear of failure is a lovely sentiment that the recipient will be grateful for. These lovely Resist Fear ecards are perfect for this situation. The legend on this card reads; “courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear”. In other words you have to deal that fear head on and beat it, show some courage as that fear won't go away on its own. The scenic image on the ecards is empowering as there is no better example of overcoming adversity than nature. Did you know that we also sell electronic Christmas cards for business so when Christmas time comes along please be sure to stop by and see how we can deliver your ecards project.

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