eCO2 Greetings arent just experts in e Christmas cards for business, we also provide ecards for any business communication need. This stunning e cards design delivers class and elegance personified.  The beautiful array of the palest pink rose bouquet are so delicate and soft you almost want to reach into the picture and touch them.  The roses are of the highest quality and are simply perfect, they almost seemed unreal.  The roses look incredibly decadent on the white background and as you only get a side shot of this lovely bouquet, it leaves a generous amount of room to enter your message on the front page.  Like all our amazing designs at eC02 Greetings, our designs are up to 4 pages, allowing your recard receiver an eC02 Greetings ecard experience.  However, if you require less pages or even just 1 page for your ecards, it is so simple to remove the pages you do not need.  Our ecard designs are so simple to build, offering amazing animation and special touches to create warmth and a very special extra quality like no other ecards.  With delicate music and heart felt messages on each of these pages, it will be the perfect e-ccomunication to your business colleague, customer or friend.  Do your business use the Christmas holiday period to market yourselves to clients? If so then please do have a look at our business holiday ecards.

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