Rudolph The Donkey

Christmas is a time for fun. Although the story of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer may be well known, the story of Rudolph the Red Nose Donkey may not be so much. Put a smile on the faces of your clients this holiday season with eCO2 Greetings ‘Rudolph the Donkey’ corporate Christmas ecards. Perhaps you may be confused with the image on this ecard: it is a donkey, yes, but it is also everyone’s favourite Christmas character Rudolph. Rudolph the donkey would appear to be somewhat confused, too, given the look on his face and the decorations hanging from his antlers. One of the most lovable of Santa’s reindeer takes on a new twist in this ecard, spreading a few festive laughs along the way. A simple design, with the donkey sat just to the right of centre on a white background and with shadow to his left, these corporate holiday ecards are popular amongst those looking to gain a chuckle from their intended recipients. A message can be added to the left of the donkey in red text, and optional second, third and fourth pages are available should you wish to include further corporate branding or messages. Bring laughter to your clients with our corporate holiday ecards this December. 

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