Santas Message

Could you ignore an instruction from Santa Clause?

We didn’t think you could and that is why we have a picture on the front cover of our”Santas message” eChristmas card of Santa demanding you write a message on his notice board.

A picture of Santa holding up your message will surely send the spirit of Christmas to all of your business friends at this time of year.

In addition, Santa gives you three optional pages for you to add a longer yuletide message. 

You can also add your website links, any company slogans, and telephone contacts.

In fact, any important information you think your friend should know.

There in one piece of news you will want them to know. When you buy one of our business holiday ecards, we arrange for ten trees to be planted, with the option for you to ask for more (no they do not have to be Christmas trees).

By using our email Christmas cards for business, you not only help the environment but your company as well.

You save your staff the work of addressing and posting all of the paper cards.

In addition, you save your company money by not buying paper cards, envelopes, and stamps.

Sending your Christmas greeting by e-mail is cheaper and easier than the traditional method of snail mail.

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