Seasonal Pets

Forget mooning Santas and drunken reindeer, the most humorous of e Christmas cards for business feature the most naturally funny creatures on earth; pets. Who could resist this cute kitty in its Santa outfit cheekily looking up at the Bulldog is his own Santa costume? There is a tangible bond between these two, and you get the feeling that if this was a still from a film, when it started rolling again the two would curl up together and drift off to sleep. The Bulldog looks fierce but you know he isn't. The kitten is just adorable, any anyone who lives in a household with both cats and dogs knows that these two traditional enemies actually make excellent companions. If you have been searching for the right Christmas ecards for business  then this ticks all the boxes. It is cute without being sickly, it isn't too personal and is an ecard your business associates will remember for all the right reason. Remember these Christmas ecards can also be customised so you can add your own greeting, and even your logo. There are also multiple music options to choose from if you think the recipient would appreciate it. In short, this could just be about the perfect ecard you could send to a business this Christmas. 

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