Seeded Ideas

New life, a new idea, a new start - just about any occasion could be marked with our Seeded Ideas business ecards. Not only is this lovely design suitable for so many occasions but it's also free to send, what else could be better? We love the idea of a new plant just starting to grow, sowing its roots in the ground and just getting started with a new life which is exactly what this ecard captures pretty much perfectly. Of course, as lovely a picture of a new plant is we also wanted the ecard to say something which is why we have added the "Every great idea starts its life as a seed" slogan across the front in a clear, easy to read text. Here at Eco2 Greeting we're passionate about greeting ecards and giving a choice to people but we also want designs to be easy to see and give a clear message as to what they're about which is what we think this does perfectly! If you have something slightly different in mind don't worry, we have lots of different ecards on the site so simply have a browse through until you find something that suits exactly what you're looking for. And don’t forget this coming holiday season that we are the worlds leading provider of electronic Christmas cards for business.

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