Silver Stars

Subtle and elegant, two delicate crystal stars shimmer and twinkle like stars in the heavens, brought to earth just for the purpose of shining their silvery light from these lovely electronic holiday cards for business. Its muted shades of opal, pearl and ivory are the farthest thing imaginable from gaudy or flashy, and the holiday message it conveys is one of peaceful tranquillity. This is one of the holiday ecards for business that would be completely appropriate for any recipient; it does not have any jangly overtones of commercialism or make reference to any specific occasion or holiday. However even though the picture is simplicity itself, there is a richness in the depth and quiet colours of both foreground and background. You can almost see peace and prosperity twinkling in the gentle collage of stars, ephemeral bits of ribbon and the hint of a fragile silver chain connecting these stars and other stars that cannot be seen but are impossible not to imagine. The equally delicate shimmer of snowflakes drifting down through the Christmas scene is carried in further optional pages, and the accompanying music is festive but not the least bit raucous. To get the full, intricate effect click on preview; you will see that this is an impressively graceful expression of good wishes for clients and associates.

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