Silver Tree

Silver Tree is an instantly eye catching design that would be a great choice if you're looking to create festive and eye catching holiday ecards for business. The titular Silver Tree is a gleaming distinctive image that looks spectacular against the pitch black background. The tree which looks like it's formed out of a spiral of liquid metal is a beautifully modern twist on the traditional Christmas tree design. The tree is topped with a small dull gold star which again serves to effortlessly contrast the gleaming silver ribbons that makes up the body of the Christmas tree. Another clever design touch becomes noticeable on closer inspection namely the slight reflection of the metallic Christmas tree that fades into the bottom of the ecard. This already striking eye catching design can again be further enhanced  by adding both a gleaming sparkle animation and some softly falling snow. Both these animations can be utilised to add a more magical quality to this wonderfully modern design and that would without a doubt be a great electronic christmas cards for business design for any corporation. Why not try adding your own logo and business details to see how this enchanting modern holiday design can serve your business. 

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