Slow Day

These humorous corporate ecards are ideal for your work colleagues. Whether it’s an actual slow day at work or even someone’s birthday, the ecards have the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face. The ecards show a lizard on a tree branch, obviously lazily making his way around. The caption on the ecard reads, ‘Do you get the feeling that today is going slow?’ Send this to your fellow work mates and you’ll all get a laugh out of it. Not only will it improve the general mood but you may find that everyone has more motivation in the otherwise busy and corporate environment.

Ecards are a great way of sending an instant message with a few special touches. You can add your own message, song and even a logo. This way you’re able to tailor the ecard to different people and get a better reaction. Say goodbye to stamps and postmen because ecards are thing of the future and why would anyone write out a card when there are so many features to sending an ecard? The selection of ecards available on this website is outstanding, so get shopping! We would love you to stop by this Christmas time to choose one of our amazing Christmas ecards for business.

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