Snow Drift

This popular business ecards design depicts a dreamy snowy landscape on the east coast of the United States of America.  Picture the scene in a New York park that has been kissed with constant snow flurries for several days causing the hills to be blanketed in beautiful white snow that has started to collect into snow drifts.  eCO2 Greetings bring this and many of our seasonal holiday ecards for business to life with some realistic gently falling snow animation that allows you the creator to picture yourself there walking up the hill towards the tree.  Even better than this we add a zoom effect to the bring that sensation of movement and reality to the scene.  If you are still with us and not day dreaming of that wintery walk then just imagine the emotion your recipients will feel when they receive this business ecard from your company.  We have plenty of choices of backgrounds to accompany this ‘Snow Drift’ ecard to keep the feeling of nature and outdoor wintery scenes consistent throughout the ecards full experience.  If you are still not convinced we welcome you to design draft business holiday ecards and see how it looks with your branding.

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