This electronic christmas cards for business offers a great example of the class and elegance that the full eCO2 Greetings portfolio consistently offers and here’s why:

To the vast majority of people around the world they associate Christmas time and the joyful holiday season with snow. Even those who live in a warmer climate can easily identify snow with Christmas time as it’s obviously plentiful in the place where Santa Claus lives. Falling snow to us is mesmeric. Watching it gently fall can take us back to being a small child, nose pressed against the window steaming under our breath as we wait for our friends to call around for that epic adventure together. This snowflake ecard design offers a contemporary look with its typically Christmassy silver glitter that sparkles in the light and a generous helping of falling snow – Imagine the Christmas decoration that fell out of the box into the snow as it was transferred from its dusty storage in the garage to decorate the house. It deserves to be mounted on top of the family Christmas tree however we think that immortalising it in one of our leading business holiday ecards designs is more than what it deserves for ‘tis the season to be jolly’.


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