Snowy Baubles

For some reason white baubles have never caught on in the same way as their red, gold and green compatriots. This is a shame when you consider the one colour, next to red, that is most associated with Christmas is white. Even those who detest that white stuff that falls silently from the sky hope there will be a white Christmas. This seems to be an increasingly rare occasion these days, so what better way to give someone their own white Christmas than with this gorgeous snowy baubles ecard? The snowy bauble nestles against the background of pristine snow The tiny stars and silver tops just add to the effect and this is one of the classiest Christmas ecards for business you will find anywhere.  Click on preview to see how gorgeous this card looks with all its effects. This ecard epitomises what e Christmas cards for business should all be like. Stylish, modern and too over familiar. You can add the music or leave it off. You can add text and even your logo to ensure the recipient doesn't forget who gave him the most pleasant surprise he has had opening an email for a long time. 

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