Snowy Cabins

A perfect woodsy country scene is captured in this snowy afternoon; two rustic cabins just a stone's throw from one another in a clearing surrounded by towering fir trees. Snow is falling on top of an already present blanket of white that nestles halfway up the cabin walls. The picture suggests an independence and even isolation at first glance, but the chimney of the cabin in the forefront is puffing clouds of smoke like signals into a sky from which large snowflakes fall swiftly but gently to the ground. Cosy holiday warmth seems to emanate from the buttoned-up snowbound cabin, the kind of peaceful retreat that many a business person craves, especially during the hectic Christmas holiday period. Holiday ecards for business have several advantages over paper and cardboard, not least being the capacity for animation. Watching the snow fall past the camera lens, and smoke puffs rising to join the clouds above is far more visually pleasing than just a drawing or still frame. If you wish to convey a message of friendship and cooperation to business associates and acquaintances at Christmas, these little corporate Christmas ecards are a lovely and unusual messenger. Very subtle and not commercial in any sense, it will be appreciated and remembered by all its recipients.

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