Special Offer

We created this and many other business ecards to prove that we aren't just providers of business holiday ecards.  This characterised image of a sketched design on a blackboard is creative and refreshing.  With the sketch highlighting a hand held megaphone being used to shout out ‘Offer!” really sends the message home - loud and clear!  The glorious design will be sure to grab your ecard recipient attention, whatever message you are hoping to portray.  It's also a great opportunity to do what the design says and announce a fantastic offer your business may be offering.  You could maybe add this incredible offer onto the next page.  Along with a creative message to follow this up and of course drawing  the ecard experience to a close with your contact details and social media sites, it is a sure way to promote your business and sell your products in a creative and memorable way.  They are sure to remember you with a design such as this!  You can add or remove pages if necessary to suite your promotional needs.  All you need now is to get that offer or distinctive message down, so why not start a design today?  Please feel free to register an account with us at eC02 Greetings and go ahead and design your very own.  It is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation to purchase whatsoever.  Get in touch this upcoming holiday season and we will help you to create electronic Christmas cards for business to blow your clients socks off.

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