Special Wishes

Another design which makes bold use of the interaction of colour, eCO2 Greetings ‘Special Wishes’ design is a big hit with customers and their clients. ‘Special Wishes’ is just one in our extensive range of holiday ecards for business, capturing the magic of the holiday season with simple yet brilliant imagery. Snow covered fir trees are one of the symbols of Christmas. Seen in this ECO2 design, Christmas tree branches sit calmly, covered in a soft layer of snow. On top of one of these branches sits a single bauble. This bauble, finished in a bronze colour, takes up a large portion of the left side of the ecard. Due to its shiny nature, the bauble is reflecting a beautiful Christmas landscape behind it of trees and snow-covered ground. Animated snow can be seen falling as your personal message sits at the top of the design. In addition, space on additional pages allows you to extend further Christmas greetings as well as corporate slogans, team signatures and contact details. Send an impressive ecard to your clients and grab their attention this December with our ever-popular ‘Special Wishes’ design, part of our huge range of electronic christmas cards for business.


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