Squished Santa

Squished Santa is our first comical corporate Christmas ecards design and at eCO2 Greetings we aimed to put a big bright smile on your face with this fun design. Squished Santa is designed for people with a good sense of humour (or a bad sense of humour depending on your point of view) and is the perfect lighted hearted Christmas ecard to send to your business associates and family especially any who might be a bit of a Scrooge during Christmas time. The design shows some of dangers of working in the North Pole and shows that Santa might not be making his deliverers on time this Christmas after all. The characters are designed to look like their made of plasticine which adds to the light hearted humorous nature of the ecard. The design takes inspiration from famous animations like Wallace and Gromit to give it a charming child like quality which makes it a truly memorable image. A falling soft snow animation can also be added to really complete this ecard design. So if you have friends or family who like something a bit more quirky or humours on their greetings cards then this could be the business Christmas ecards design for you.  

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