Stars & Stripes

An American flag, with its red, white and blue pennant floating above a snowy hilltop is surrounded by other hills, tall trees crowding the slopes in front of it and gently rounded mountains in the hazy background. Except for the brilliant colours of the flag, the rest of this vista is in muted shades of grey and charcoal so that the flag makes a startling and exuberant statement in the forefront of the picture. These electronic christmas cards for business succeed in arousing emotion through its solemn but vivid presence in an otherwise empty landscape. This is one of the few business holiday ecards that carries an implicit message of patriotism, but it also provokes thoughts of camaraderie, cooperation and shared beliefs and goals. As a holiday greeting to business partners and providers, it makes a classic statement about your companies practices and principles, and a profound change from the ubiquitous Santas and gaudily wrapped packages found in so many commercial holiday cards. Click on preview for the full effect of falling snow and cheerful semi-martial music that underscores the view. This impressive Christmas ecard cannot fail to catch the eye and attention, far more than overdone sentiment or casual and insincere holiday greeting cards.

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