Success Falls

When we found this quote we knew straight away that we wanted to create an ecard surrounding it. Here at Eco2 Greetings we love a powerful and positive quote and this is definitely a quote that so many of us can relate to and feel uplifted by. We know that many people are striving to be successful and this quote is a little reminder of how to make sure that you get there. Sometimes we have to remind people of how well they're doing and the hard work that they're putting in is going to pay off - which is exactly what this quote encompasses. For the backdrop of the quote we wanted a beautiful scene that complemented the quote rather than drown it out with too many bright colours and patterns. The waterfall scene is beautiful and we choose the rainbow design over the text to highlight the wording and show what the ecard was all about. Here at Eco 2 Greetings we have lots of different business ecards with powerful quotes so if this is not quite what you are looking for then make sure you browse through everything else we have on offer to find something to match your needs.  Check us out this Christmas time and we will prove to be the worlds best Christmas ecards for business.

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