Team Ants

eCO2 Greetings is famous for providing the worlds greenest e Christmas cards for business but we also proudly boast an amazing portfolio of ecards befitting of the business environment for all occasions throughout the year to enhance those personal relationships internally and with external clients. This ‘teamwork ants’ ecard is a humorous design with a serious message. I am sure that you don’t need us to remind you that in life and in the workplace greater things are achieved when working together in a team than as an individual. Sure there’s a place for individual endeavours but teamwork in a corporate environment can achieve great things. One of nature’s best examples of teamwork are Ants who all work together for a common cause to achieve great things like build an unbelievable nest using just grains of sand or working together to lift items that are hundreds of times their own body weight. Witnessing the ants working together brings a smile to your face but also conveys a very clear message. You could send this simple ecard to colleagues to inspire them to consider the benefits of your team or just to cheer them up.

As this ecard proves we don’t just supply ecards for the holiday season, but it is what we do best so please do check us out in December for the world’s best and greenest business holiday ecards.


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