Team Jump

eCO2 Greetings are famous for supplying the worlds greenest ecards with their electronic Christmas cards for business but did you know that we also rock with our everyday ecard range, useful for business relationships? This ‘Team Jump’ ecard will either set your pulse going or have you quivering at the thought of a sky dive. However, this ecard delivers a key business message in relation to team work. No doubt some of these dare devils will have had some nerves as their airplane ascended to several thousand feet above terra firma however it is without any doubt that being with team mates helped them through this. Knowing that a colleague has ‘got your back’ or that they are sharing the same path as you helps us to overcome challenges so although this is an extreme example you can relate the team bonds to the workplace as some of you embark upon work that will take you out of your comfort zones. Taking the plunge together can make things more achievable but also more fun.

At eCO2 Greetings we specialise in business holiday ecards so if you are looking to stand out this Christmas when sending well wishes to your clients then why not explore our service.


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