Thanksgiving 2

This is a more unusual approach to a Thanksgiving ecard design, the first thing that will no doubt grab your attention is the giant great tree in the foreground of the image. The autumn colours on the leaves instantly bring to mind the Thanksgiving holiday celebration and create a powerful contrast against the picturesque cloudy sky. Another lovely touch to this holiday ecards for business design is the other small tree that is poking up behind the side of the large house with beautiful orange leaves basking in the bright sunlight. The use of shadow is also an important tool in this striking Thanksgiving ecard design, the further down the image you go the darker the landscape becomes. This simple yet effective contrast instantly draws your eyes to the browning tree leaves that appear so bright and cheerful against the skyline. This design can also be further enhanced with a great animation that adds a variety of colourful falling leaves to the image making it really come alive. This would make a great Thanksgiving holiday card to send to your business clients and would look brilliant with an added personal message so why not give it try and draft your own electronic christmas cards for business right now?

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