Top Gunning

At eC02 Greetings we always like to offer as much variety to our ecards range as possible.  From our corporate holiday ecards range to our New Year ecards and our extensive range of every day ecards, why not take advantage of these designs and send a card today!  From our vast range, this Cool design is a fantastic shot of a slate grey fighter jet plane, flying in mid air, alongside the white lettered caption ‘Top Gun’ - ok so you’ve seen the movie!  Now let’s make an impact and show someone what a great job they have done!  This is a dramatic and dynamic approach of sending out that all important message.  Also it’s a great way to add humour to a card - are they a Goose or a Maverick?!!  Top Gunning, but have they lost that loving feeling?!!  You could also add a photograph to this to make these corporate ecards even more humorous or personal if you wanted to make the design bespoke.  Another great way to add humour and friendship to the card.  You could also add some relevant music to get the all-around full effect of the design.  There’s nothing better than making someone smile after they have worked so hard and provided their full commitment.  If you know who in your company typically arranges your holiday ecards then please do provide them our details.

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