We all have our days where procrastination creeps in and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Suddenly we’re doing anything but working and distracting ourselves becomes a job in itself. These are the perfect corporate ecards for anyone who seems to be distracted at work. The background of the card is a teal colour and on it is a picture of a man sat at his computer desk. The card reads, ‘Sometimes I run out of unproductive things to do at work.’ This could be a great way of livening up the office by sending it to your colleagues for a quick giggle.

Instead, perhaps it’s your colleague’s birthday and he/she is well known for slacking while in work. Whoever the ecards are intended for, it’s sure to be greatly appreciated in your business relationship. The ecards can also be tailored to the specific individual by adding a message and other preferences to it. You’ll find plenty of choice throughout the website so keep ecards in mind for all of your occasions and your stamp costs will dwindle away! Is your business looking for more ways to reduce their CO2 footprint when it comes to their Christmas marketing? If so then when not also check out our Christmas ecards for business.

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