Village Tree

By the time the holiday season has rolled around, community spirit is at an all-time high. Houses are decorated with the most colourful decorations, neighbours send one another holiday greetings and villages decorated their Christmas tree. These corporate holiday ecards captures that magic. This design makes bold use of space and colour to give an interesting ecard. The tree itself sits just the right of the centre of the image. On it can be seen a handful of decorative Christmas holiday lights, poking through the branches and offering a little illumination. The tree is also topped with a shining star, and sits on a bed of fallen snow. The background, however, is pure black, brought on by the darkness of the night. As a result, the only light in the image is provided by those on the tree, giving a humble, peaceful scene. Snow also falls thanks to animated effects, and your own personal image sits in the top left of the design. For something that truly captures the peacefulness and stillness of the winter in the holiday season, look no further than eCO2 Greetings ‘Village Tree’ ecard. We also have a fantastic range of further corporate ecards, so why not take a browse through them to see more of our e Christmas cards for business  has to offer?

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