Visiting Santa

The use of colour can often give interesting effects when it comes to photography. In this particular design, a monochromatic scene of trees and snow is brought to life with a bold, red festive sign. Impress your clients with our ‘Visiting Santa’ corporate Christmas ecards this holiday season. Every child loves visiting Santa Claus: the magic of the occasion, meeting Santa himself, is one of the true highlights of the holiday season for any child. With this ecard, you can capture that magic once again. In this image, a snow covered footpath winds its way through the woodland to Santa’s house. The route is lined with tall fir Christmas trees, covered in layers of snow and providing a beautiful scene to walk through. At the entrance to this passageway stands a sign in the only vibrant colour used in the design. The sign, in red, builds excitement for meeting Santa, as his house is only 100m away. The ecard also includes falling snow animations andspace for a personal message of your choosing at the top of the design. Is this the Christmas ecard for you? If not, our huge portfolio of corporate holiday ecards will be sure to have the perfect design.  


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