Walk in the Park

When the night comes, it usually casts darkness across everything, especially the wooded area of a park. But, when snow has fallen all around, the night doesn’t seem to be so dark. That is the case here with eCO2 Greetings ‘Walk in the Park’, one of our many e Christmas cards for business. Wintertime walks are a holiday tradition made by many of us. These walks are made all the more special by the soft crunching of fallen snow underfoot, breaking gently under the weight of your favourite boots. This scene depicts a park under the light of the moon and a few lamps along the pathway, with the snow providing a clean canvas for the light to reflect on. Trees are dotted around the parkland, bare on their branches due to the harsh winter weather but with a white glaze from the fallen snow. This ecard includes the opportunity to add a personal message on the cover, as well as further pages to include corporate messages and contact details, as well as logos and the signatures of your team. Give an ecard this Christmas and remind your clients of just how beautiful the holiday season can be with ‘Walk in the Park’, one of our great range of holiday ecards for business.

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