Wanting to Win

Competition exists in every aspect of our lives, whether you take part in sport or not. One of the most highly charged environments when it comes to wanting to win is in the business workplace. Whether it is in terms of winning a promotion or getting to the canteen first to grab the freshest pasts, competition in the corporate world is rife. There is an old saying that it isn't the winning it's the taking part but American Football legend has gone one step further with the sentiment on this ecard “Winning isn't everything but wanting to win is”. Those wise words sum it up perfectly; don't be in the race just to make up the numbers, be in it because you want to cross the winning line first. There will be somebody you work with that this applies to. That quiet girl in the corner who you know has the capabilities to progress up the career ladder but hasn't got the confidence. Or what about that guy who goes for all the promotions but is in the mindset from the off he isn't going to get it; and doesn't. You have to fight for most things in this life and sending these corporate ecards to somebody who seems incapable of it will tell them you believe in them. If you like to use ecards for your business to save on paper then why not consider us when the holiday comes as we are the worlds greenest electronic holiday cards for business.

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