Wave Thoughts

At eCO2 Greetings we are famous for our holiday ecards for business with ten trees planted with each. However, we are proud to present this non holiday season ecard. This stunning ecard scene is enough to take your breath away, with the rock formations that are extremely beautiful on a remote beach somewhere.  The skyline colours of sapphire blue and pink are heavenly, as it looks like the sun is starting to set after a gloriously sun filled day.  There is almost a candescent mist in the air that you want to almost reach into the picture and touch.  The heavy and wet caramel sand looks like you could sink your feet into it and draw shapes in the sand with a long stick.  These magical ecards make you want to be part of the picture, filling you with peace and tranquillity.   A great way to get a beautiful and nostalgic message across to someone special that you care about.  Alternatively, you could see this image as a thought provoker which could easily demonstrate the right corporate message to colleagues or customers.  There really is room for versatility with a truly lovely scene as this one.  At eC02 Greetings, we pride ourselves on an extensive array of beautifully stunning designs such as this and as they are so versatile, you really can put whatever message you need to, across in the right way. We would love you or a colleague to get in touch to discuss your e Christmas cards for business this coming Christmas holiday period.

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