Well Done Scrabble

This delightful design shows a series of letters from a scrabble game, that make up the words ‘Well Done’.  This is a great and fun way to show someone you really appreciate how well they have done.  Each of the dark brown wooden squares have a lovely vintage finish and the numbers are engraved with a bold white, along with of course the number below the letter to show how many points you have earned whilst playing your game of scrabble!  This modern design is a funky way to display a message, like so many artists now that are creating different images with scrabble letters, such as sentimental words or family trees to show members in your family.  It’s a quirky twist that really gets the point across that you think a well earned ‘pat on the back’ is needed.  At eC02 Greetings, we always pride ourselves on creating designs and images that demonstrate true professionalism with sometimes a touch of fun, nostalgia and sentimentality.  Who wouldn’t want to hear how well they have done and know that their hard work has been noted.  Do it today and earn those brownie points (or scrabble points!!) with your customer or respected one. These corporate ecards are yet another great example of why eCO2 Greetings aren't just the worlds leading corporate holiday ecards supplier but do offer viable ecard solutions all year around. If you do need assistance with your business holiday ecards then please do get in touch.

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