White Christmas Lights

The middle of December is the darkest time of the year. The days are short and the nights are long.

This is the time of year when people need light in their lives, so why not brighten up their festive season with our “White Christmas Lights” ecards, one of our selection of e Christmas cards for business

The front page of this attractive ecard has a cheerful picture of a string of white Christmas lights with some space for you to add your own Christmas message.

The second page gives you the option to add your logo and a more substantial Christmas message. The third page informs your contacts that by sending an e-card eCO2Greetings will plant ten trees, and you have the option to arrange for planting extra trees.

The fourth page has space for team signatures and all your contact numbers.

In addition to this, the White Christmas Lights card has a cheerful Christmas tune as a background.

Sending Christmas ecards for business is a simple and economical way of sending Christmas greetings to all of the people in your business community.

There is no need for buying cards, envelopes and stamps, and no need to put an unwelcome burden on your staff at the time of year they are already under pressure.

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