Winter Park

This is a gently nostalgic scene with an almost ethereal beauty; a graceful footbridge spanning the frozen stream, with a pristine blanket of snow lying on its wide, rounded rails. Just visible on the footpath are a few indentations in the snow, indicating the passage of an unseen visitor to the park on this silent night. The old-fashioned globe of a street light glows at the far side of the bridge, beckoning a traveller to cross the low arch into its light. The trees surrounding both stream and bridge are winter-stark but softly back lit, offering a sense of benign watchfulness and protection. As corporate holiday ecards go, this one is a beautiful option. The peaceful scene has a touch of pure artistry in its composition without suggesting any commercial holiday, though the soft Christmas musical accompaniment is a familiar winter theme. Click on the preview to enjoy the full effect, and make an optional choice of different music, add a logo or a special message to special people on your e-mailing list. The impact of well-chosen, elegant business Christmas ecards can be far stronger and more lasting than another auto-signed card that inevitably lands in the waste basket.

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