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5 Reasons to send Business E Cards

In such troubled economic times many companies will ask themselves and their marketing departments “why should we be sending cards to our clients”.  Here are 5 reasons why sending Business E Cards will prove beneficial when considering a medium to communicate a thank you message to your clients at Christmas or any other time of year:


  1. The cost of acquiring customers is infinitely higher than the pennies it costs to send a message.  Thus, in times of economic downturn we should focus on reducing churn.
  2. If you don’t look after your customer somebody else will.
  3. Business E Cards are up to 5 times cheaper than Traditional cards in addition.
  4. You will save approx 1 man day of effort for every 100 recipients.  That effort can be spent adding value in other areas of your business.
  5. We have an obligation to market our businesses in an eco friendly manner and benefit from that approach with the positive impression we create of our businesses to our clients.

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