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Listening to our Corporate E Cards Customers

Following eCO2 Greetings first year of Corporate E Cards we have learned a great deal from our existing customer base in addition to those we missed out on.  As with any good business we have listened to feedback and intend to invest in our Corporate e cards in the coming months. 


We have listened to our existing Corporate E Cards customers


Feedback from our existing Corporate E Cards customer base has been very positive.  eCO2 Greetings Corporate E Cards pricing, support, functionality, flash animation and our eco friendly environmental theme have served us and our customers very well. 


However, along the journey we have listened to our existing customers feedback to ensure that we build on the Corporate E Cards that served them so well.  Our existing customers trusted in our Corporate E Card product and deserve that faith repaying in ensuring it stays ahead as the market leading Corporate E Cards solution for Christmas and other occasions.  Small comments in all conversations and e-mail have not been missed.


eCO2 Greetings Corporate E Cards are a reflection of your business so must stay ahead as the cutting edge powerful marketing tool that you expect from Corporate E Cards.  Most companies communicate to their clientele at Christmas  so your one opportunity to portray your thanks whilst conveying your company as professional, technology leading, environmentally conscious etc .  You place that responsibility in Corporate E Cards, hence our commitment to continually invest into our Corporate E Cards product.


The customers that did not purchase eCO2 Greetings Business E Cards


As with our current customer base, the feedback we received from our prospective Corporate E Cards customers was taken positively by eCO2 Greetings.  Recommendations of change that were commented consistently within the community were noted and will be invested in.  We sincerely believe that the changes will meet with the requirements of the wider community who are increasingly embracing the use of Corporate E Cards.



Where are our Corporate E Cards going?


We are investing in a wider portfolio of Corporate E Cards to cater for more tastes.  By our own admission the current portfolio of E Cards is relatively small but proved very successful.


We will invest in enhanced functionality of the Corporate E Cards to allow greater flexibility in the design of your Corporate E Cards.  Our off the shelf self design Corporate E Cards tool will help you save spending ten times the amount on a bespoke design Corporate E Card with a software design house.  Much more flexibility to design a crisp professional product.


Despite the current Business E Card design process being user friendly we will be amending the process to make it even simpler to design on your own, although we are always happy to support you.


Want to know more about the Corporate E Cards changes?


If you want to know more about our changes please feel free to send us an e-mail at

If you want to see the current product first please see the excellence we are building on – Design Corporate E Cards

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