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Thinking about going green

If you are new to the idea of creating a ‘green’ or more eco friendly business there are some pretty simple things you can do to get started!
It won’t always mean a big costly over haul of your office, in fact more often than not, it will be greatly beneficial for your bottom line.

1. Switch Off

Getting in the habit of switching off all unused technology during the day, and at the end of the day is a great way of saving on your power usage. You can also find lots of energy saving settings on your computers and monitors such as a shut off timer on monitors left for longer than 10 minutes.
Switch off lights as you leave a room and use fluorescent bulbs, whilst making the most of natural sunlight!

2. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Firstly making use of of recycling bins is a great way of separating out all office waste. And cutting out any paper/plastic cups from the water cooler. With technology being so advanced, you will also find it much easier to reduce the amount of paper used within the office for memos etc. When ordering stock such as paper towels, ensure that you use the product with the highest recycled content, and use suppliers who cut down on packaging.

3. Maintenance

Staying on top of maintenance can be quite important in terms of saving resources. Firstly ensuring you use eco friendly cleaning products is a sure way to be green, but also ensuring you fix leaking taps. Each drop per second 
wastes up to 10,000 litres each year!

4. Work from home

If there are employees who would be able to work from home a few days per week, this will really 
cut down on pollution, and you could think about car sharing, public transport, cycling or walking for the remainder of the week. 

5. Aim to be paper free!

Almost anything you write on paper, can now be done on your computer or laptop. This means 
that you can now aim for a completely paperless office!
We aim to encourage the reduction of paper waste with our ecards for business, marketing your business whilst reducing your carbon footprint!

6. Branching Out

For every e-card order made, we have made a commitment to plant at least 10 trees in conjunction with American Forests. These 10 trees alone offset 10 tonnes of CO2 in their lifetime!

Becoming environmentally friendly does not have to mean taking drastic steps. Do what you feel is 
within your means, and take it a step at a time!
For more information on how our holiday ecards for business help to contribute towards a greener future, please take a look throughout our site or get in touch.

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