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Actually write an environmental policy #OneWorldChange


Tip – Its difficult to improve the overall environmental performance of your business without a policy, #One WorldChange.

Environmental Policy

Before you say it, there are actually a huge number of businesses that do not have an environmental policy actually written down. Not only does it make good business sense to make sure your company does have an environmental policy document (because your customers and local and national authorities may well want to check) but without an actionable policy, anything you do to help make your business more environmentally efficient is likely to be piece meal and have less impact than if done as part of a co-ordinated, policy driven approach.

There are plenty of business that do have a policy which is worth rather less than the paper it is printed on because as a document it lacks clearly defined and actionable goals that can be measured and reported on.

Here is another article on the subject from our friends at Sustainable Business Toolkit.

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