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Measure of the carbon footprint of your business #OneWorldChange


Tip – Measure of the carbon footprint of your business. #OneWorldChange

Measure carbon footprint of business

Talk about environmental efficiency and carbon reduction is all a bit meaningless if you don’t have a measure of the carbon footprint of your business to put it all in context. Knowing the carbon footprint of your business is an essential step to take if you are to focus action on reducing it, have credibility with environmentally sensitive customers and regulators, be able to evaluate the benefits of any particular scheme to reduce CO2 and overall, be able to present your business as a progressive and responsible one.

There are plenty of consultancies out there to help but I would suggest appointing a leader and doing some basic work to scope out and understand the processes and requirements for conducting and maintaining a measure of your business’ carbon footprint. You may find a way without consultant’s help and if not, you will be better informed as the exact type of help you need.

Check out a leading player in the field at the Carbon Trust.

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