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Business Greeting Cards are a waste of paper and time

The concept of Business Greeting Cards is tried and tested over hundreds of years.  They allow businesses a cost effective means of marketing themselves to new clientèle and more importantly demonstrating their appreciation to those that they hold an existing relationship with. 


However, more is expected of the marketing opportunity presented by Business Greeting Cards in 2009.  Business holiday ecards offer the opportunity to portray your organisation in a way that is increasingly expected in our digital age and the providers of business ecards are expected to deliver high tech flash animated e cards that will professionally represent their customers.  Those companies who do source a good provider will prosper in wowing their clientèle, something that the traditional Business Greeting Cards cease to do in the current day.


In our increasingly environmentally conscious society the use of paper and other carbon resources is under constant scrutiny by our external stakeholders as well as our own consciences.  So why would any company continue to use Carbon hungry Business Greeting Cards when there are Carbon Neutral business holiday ecards readily available with such enhanced functionality to boot?  We cannot find an answer either in case you are expecting one.


The coordination of the end to end management of the paper cards is a resource hungry activity from the marketing individuals to the directors.  Why waste the time of such senior resource who could be better spent making Million Dollar decisions for the good of the company?  Business ecards with the correct supplier can be arranged from start to finish in just a matter of minutes.  A cost effective marketing solution all around.


So if you are a floating voter looking at our Business E Cards as a potential vendor for your Business Greetings marketing needs then we hope that we have pointed out valid reasons why Business E Cards offer so much more in 2009. 

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