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The Polar Ice Caps are melting but what can we do about it

Please do read this note in the spirit it is intended.  We write this with the intention of inspiring Environmentally sound behaviour within the social and business community. 


As we hear almost every day of our lives, the polar ice caps are melting due to Global Warming.  In July 2009 US National Snow and Ice Data Center reported, the polar ice cap extended over 2.61 million square miles (6.75 million square kilometers) after having shrunk an average 41,000 square miles (106,000 square kilometers) a day in July.  That is a decrease of three times the size of Belgium per day.


Well that’s the scary stuff over with.  However, we at eCO2 Greetings firmly believe that time is on our side to do something about this horrendous mess that man kind is in.  We believe that the corporate sector should be at the forefront of change.  Hence, what can business’s do about this today?


Well, quite simply you are visiting this website today for one reason, to source a Business E Cards supplier for your company or your employers.  Not only do eCO2 Greetings achieve what all business ecards suppliers do in eliminating the use of paper and thus deforestation to support the Business Greeting Cards industry that is paper based.  However, eCO2 Greetings help to reduce your business’s carbon footprint by planting 10 trees Free of Charge with each Business ecard purchased with us.  Between 1st September & 15th September eCO2 Greetings will plant an additional 10 trees (total 20) for any customer purchasing Business ecards with us.


So whether you are sourcing Business ecards for the Christmas period or Business Anniversary E Cards for a special occasion why not purchase soon and ensure that you company makes a contribution to the Environmental campaign we all share.  If Business E Cards are not the product that your organization wishes to use as a means of reducing your carbon footprint then eCO2 Greetings sincerely hope that you do explore other means of addressing the issue.

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