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How e Christmas cards for business can inspire children

There’s no more exciting time to most children than the holiday season.  The excitement of future gifts for year round good behaviour will already be on their mind and all the other fantasy aspects of the Christmas period too.  I know our Children haven’t stopped talking about Santa since his last visit.

Needless to say, Christmas is a very important fixture for us at eCO2 Greetings however we couldn’t operate as successfully as we do without being passionate about it ourselves.  That passion transcends to ensuring Children in communities across the world are encouraged to enjoy it and embrace what it is all about – Love, Joy, Family, Friends, Giving to those less fortunate, Religion etc.


So how can we contribute to that?

Two separate customers of ours from the US and UK approached us with the same project vision, to build Corporate E Cards incorporating seasonal drawings from a local school / staff children.  On both projects we were happy to waive any additional development charges that would normally be incurred on such a project.  The end results have been excellent with the real benefits being realised in our communities.

We would therefore like to offer to waive all additional development fees for similar projects if your organisation would like to partake.  So the cost of the custom e Christmas cards for business would be $500 USD / £300.

Interested?  Here’s what to do next:


1.       Inform eCO2 Greetings that you would like to partake in this offer.  eCO2 Greetings will pencil in a design slot in our team.

2.       Pay eCO2 Greetings by 1st November.  This will allow us to reserve development capacity for your project.

3.       Supply eCO2 Greetings your chosen drawings by no later than 7th December.  Drawings must be Landscape in orientation.

4.       eCO2 Greetings will design draft Corporate E Cards for your feedback

5.       Final Corporate E Cards handed over no later than 15th December.  However, we expect that most business ecards for Christmas projects will exceed this SLA.


We sincerely hope that our offer is of interest to some businesses looking to incorporate their Christmas marketing with community projects.

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