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Everything is done for you with out ready made ecards. All you have to do is put in your own unique content and choose who to send it to.

DO NOT let Christmas pass by without sharing your seasonal wishes with your clients

Believe it or not this is eCO2 Greetings busiest week as we support hundreds of businesses worldwide arranging their electronic Christmas cards for business.

The frustrating thing for us is that hundreds of businesses view our product and believe it is too late to order – IT IS NOT TOO LATE to order your corporate ecards. In previous years we have even helped clients on Christmas day.  It is this client focused dedication that makes us a leading Christmas ecards business.

So how can we enable you to be in receipt of your ecards so quickly.Here’s how:

  • Simple self design process – Go to our Design an E Card page and you will find yourself at step 1 of a very simple 4 step design process.In just a matter of minutes you can choose your front page, the backgrounds to be used as the insides of your card, select from a wide range of seasonal music to accompany your ecard and then finally you can really customise your design with your logo, your own wording, links to your website etc.If you like what you see then you can purchase there and then online.
  • If you need our support with your ecard we have a dedicated team of skilled agents working around the clock this week.We are prepared to expedite all queries or any changes you may require for your cards.
  • Immediately after you have purchased you are receipt of your ecards for your business.There is no lead time for us to provide it to you.
  • Payment of your holiday ecards for your business is made online so quick, hassle free and secure.We accept all major credit cards.Therefore, no billing delays to hold you up.
  • Our corporate Christmas ecards are extremely simple to send out so you will not be delayed by figuring out how to send them out.If you need any support then we are here to help.
  • We can even send out your ecards to your recipients if that would help to meet your deadlines.
  • If all else fails why don’t you purchase one of our New Year Ecards for your company? Therefore, taking some of the pressure out of finishing the project this week and allowing you time to deliver next week or early January.

We sincerely hope that this goes some way to convincing you that there is still enough time to provide your business an excellent marketing tool. eCO2 Greetings have provided you the platform to deliver professional electronic Christmas cards to convey your seasonal well wishes to your valued contacts.


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