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Celebrate an event with Business E Cards

Imagine your organization has just celebrated its anniversary of existence and you conduct a campaign to celebrate it and rightly so.  You are proud of what you have achieved in that period and deservedly give yourselves a pat on the back and share the news with your clients.  You can imagine many activities to mark the occasion including:


Dinners for Executives and Senior Management

Dinners & drinks for all members of staff

Commemorative items for staff & clients e.g. Pens, engraved glass etc

Bonus Payments to staff or luxury gifts


Admittedly Business E Cards are not the most extravagant of the options available to a business in celebrating a significant moment however they could be a hugely effective and cost efficient way of conveying the event or adding to a portfolio of celebratory activities.  You could send the Business E Cards to Clients and even staff as a forerunner of the celebrations to educate all of what landmark has been achieved and that you would like them to join you in the celebrations.  You could use the Business E Cards as an opportunity to explain about where you have come from and where you have got to.  Even go into more detail and state where the future may lie.  You could explain how you plan to celebrate the occasion in the Business E Cards.


You don’t even need to be celebrating your anniversary but maybe a significant achievement such as your 1 millionth customer acquired to a particular product.  The options are endless to the uses of Business E Cards, they are not just for Christmas.

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